Thursday, May 2, 2013

Steve's 100 Cube Giveaway!

I recently teamed up with ShopCube to run a contest to win cubes to use on their site.  
Cubes are basically raffle tickets for awesome prizes from ipads to cars!

Check out these vids to learn more about ShopCube's tournament shopping!

1st Place: 100 cubes
2nd Place: 50 cubes
3rd Place : 25 cubes

BONUS!!! Get 6 cubes just for participating by registering for ShopCube through this contest (regularly 3 cubes for signing up) plus 3 shopping dollars free!

Sign up for ShopCube through this link CLICK HERE!

TWITTER entry: Follow @SteveTerada and @ShopCube
1) Your ShopCube Username
2) Your favorite Martial Arts weapon!
3) hashtag #steveshopcube100

Example entry: 
SteveTerad2 @ShopCube, my hands #stevesshopcube100

INSTAGRAM entry: Follow @SteveTerada and @ShopCube
1) Same as the twitter rules
2) Post...

Contest ends June 1, 2013

1 comment:

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