Sunday, February 3, 2013

Welcome to my new Blog! BATTLE OF THE YEAR 3D!

Welcome to my new blog and Happy Superbowl Sunday!  I've been working really hard to get back to performance shape and trying to bounce back from all of my injuries/surgeries over the past year.  If you didn't know I had sustained cervical spine and ACL knee injuries at the end of 2011.

Last Thursday I went to a preview of the movie I worked on called "Battle of the Year: The Dream Team 3D".  I can say that I'm pretty proud of the film and excited for all of you to see it =). I've been getting a lot of questions asking, "When is it coming out?" or "Wasn't it supposed to be out in January?!". The release was pushed back to September 13, 2013 (USA) and I just found out that it will be opening in over 80 countries!!!
Worldwide Release Dates (check when it's playing in your country!)

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Twitter: @BOTY

Official Trailer:

PICTURES from the private screening!
Director Benson Lee with QUEST CREW! (Aris, Benson, Victor, Steve, Ryan)

Josh Holloway aka Coach (LOST, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol)

Some of the best bboys in the biz...Casper and Luigi


  1. Love the energy!! Defenetly on the list of movies to see this year.

  2. victor kim, steve terada and josh peck in one movie!? DEFINITELY gonna watch this !! :D

  3. I’m really like it! Very, very dgdeeac good!
    caspar lee age

  4. I'm so excited to see you and Victor in this movie!!!